Make your birthday, private or company Christmas party or any anniversary of any kind an unforgettable event. StadtLux guides your guests in an entertaining way through the evening. Historical figures provide surprising show inserts. Every performance is designed in close consultation with you tailored to our guests’ needs.

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StadtLux will give your event a special touch.


A varied city epedition for small to large groups. You go on an expedition and meet historical personalities. Whether you are exploring a path yourself, by solving written riddles, asking citizens for the answers of your historical game or by following Baroness of Sprintzenstein – StadtLux developes for your guests an unforgettable experience. Fun and team spirit are paramount.

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With StadtLux you can immerse yourself not only into history – StadtLux will also provide for your gastronomical well-being. Local specialties, whether hearty or exquisite – dumplings academy or Linzer Torte. On this tour you will meet the court cooks and their delicacies.

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